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2 big touring bicycles with paniers for sale in Fukuoka, Japan, mid April (ideal from crossing Japan from South to North)

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2 big touring bicycles with paniers for sale in Fukuoka, Japan, mid April (ideal from crossing Japan from South to North)

Hello everyone!


Me and my husband, both 182cm tall, are on a 9 month long cycling honeymoon across Japan. We'll finish the tour in Fukuoka on Kyushu around mid April and want to sell our bicycles, paniers and helmets there.

The brand and model is Author Mission 2018, here is a link

We will have done around 8000 to 8500 km on them. Chains changed twice (after every 3000km to protect the cassetes). New Surly kevlar tires purchased at 4500 km. The last serviceman told us the bicycles were in very good shape, well maintained. 

Paniers come with detachable waterproof covers. All paniers have zippers which are worn from our trip. They will do you service still but I'd give them one more tour like ours and then their mission in this world is done perhaps :) They're spacious and fit all camping equipment, clothes for 4 seasons, laptops, food for 2 days...

All of this equipment was brand new for our trip.

Purchasing values (per one bicycle):

- Bicycle 800 EUR

- Back panier 60 EUR

- Back carrier 45 EUR

- Two front paniers 60 EUR

- Front carrier 45 EUR

- Handlebar panier 60 EUR

- Surly Knard tires 700 x 41 100 EUR

- Bontrager Quantum MIPS helmet 100 EUR (one is an M size, one is a L size)


1250 EUR for both bicycles, that means 50% of the purchasing price

We're a bit flexible with timing (within April)

Payment via Revolut app preffered (it's the best finance app for travelling in case you haven't heard of it, we highly reccommend it, it saves a lot of money on currency exchanges and ATM withdrawals online)

Selling both bicycles together strongly preffered

Please contact me at or WA +420736538466

We're happy to connect via facetime of WA to show you the bicycles and advise on cycling in Japan, too!



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