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Cross Canada Cycle Tour - May 15 - Sept 25, 2021 - Victoria to St. John's

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Cross Canada Cycle Tour - May 15 - Sept 25, 2021 - Victoria to St. John's

A group of adventurers who want to reconnect, restore, and rebuild our communities after months of disruption will cross Canada on bicycles this coming summer on an adventure that will highlight remarkable local people.

The group is seeking like-minded adventurers to join all, or part, of the journey as we bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, the trip will cover nearly 8,000 kilometres over four months, but riders who are unable to do the full ride are invited to join for a day, week or stage of the tour.

The core group will leave Victoria, B.C., in mid-May, with a planned arrival in St. John’s, NL, by mid-September. Picking up co-tourers along the way, the group will avoid major highways when possible, and head to the secondary roads to learn more about the rich mosaic that makes this country unlike any other.

The full route can be seen here.  

The tour is not a race – the point is to discover our country at the speed of life. This is about the journey. We will meet with Canadians in small communities across the country, get to know them a little better, and tell their stories. Beyond the exceptional memories, we aim to fuel a movement – a national conversation on who we are and to celebrate the ordinary heroes who make us unique.

Communities along the route will choose remarkable local people to be highlighted in a blog and/or video. They may be people who have overcome illness or adversity, benefactors, or health care or public safety employees. Seasoned journalists Doug Firby and Lisa Monforton will be the chief storytellers.

Further information about the tour are available on the ConnecTour website. 

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