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Yucatan (1/14 - 1/28) 2021 - Cancun->Tulum->Chichen itza->Merida->Progresso

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Yucatan (1/14 - 1/28) 2021 - Cancun->Tulum->Chichen itza->Merida->Progresso

I plan on a leisurely ride through the Yucatan, exploring beaches, ancient ruins, cultural sites and the landscapes.  I will fly into Cancun with my road bike on 1/14/21, from there, head down to Cozumel, and then Tulum, before heading inland toward Valladolid and Chichen itza and then ending the trip in the Merida/Progresso area where my wife will join me.  The area is quite flat and the route I have planned will travel around 600 miles - all on paved roads.

I have ridden several multiday bike trips, usually riding 50-70 miles on travel days and 25 - 50 miles on rest days exploring areas of interest.  I usually spend the nights split between camping and lodging at hotels, hostals, airbnbs, warmshowers, etc.  Hotels / hostals are quite inexpensive in Mexico, so I may forgo the camping entirely for this trip.  

I'm a laid-back, semi-retired, married guy from Texas with grown children.  I would enjoy some company if anyone has some time next month to join me for part or all of the trip touring the desert --- the weather should be GREAT - no rain, 60s in the morning, mid 80s in the afternoon.

Cheers !

-Craig from Texas

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