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One week travel in Europe

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One week travel in Europe

Hello all,

For this summer I have different plans. But first of all I must say that Iike to travel very light with road bike and sleeping in hotels or warmshowers. A regular day for me on the bike is approximatively 140 kms and 2500D+ but it can be more.

Crossing the Alps from Thonon to Menton in 5/6 days. Long days with a lots of climbing and sleeping in hotels. It’s a wonderful journey, I can tell, I did it last year.  It’s 650km and 16000D+ more or less. In one word : Mythic!

Crossing Switzerland and discovering Austria. I did two trips through Switzerland, one from Geneva to Constance and an other one from St Gall to Geneva. Both in 2 days, 250km each day, it was long but pleasant. I climbed the Klausenpass which is one of my best memories on the bike. Never been to Austria for cycling, would like to discover the Tyrol especially.

Crossing the Pyrénées : I discovered the Pyrénées in 2019 but unfortunately I was injured so I drove the car that was following my group of friends on the bikes. It’s very wild compare to the Alps, trafic is very low, shops and bakeries also. A lots of climbs, most of them famous because of the Tour de France. On the to do list for every serious cyclists.

Round trip in Corsica : can’t say much about this project as I never been cycling there but we call Corsica, l’ile de beauté in French and it’s not for nothing. A lots of climbs there also.


If you are interested by one of those trips, let me know and maybe we can arrange to travel together!




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Interested in anyone of those trips ;)

I am going to write you directly!