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Route for coast to coast canada!

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Route for coast to coast canada!


Does anyone have a tcx file of a coast to coast canda route idelly avoiding unsfafe highways where possible, loaded touring recumbent so limited gravel please though flat gravel is fine.

Even routes that cover some of canda would be great and i can stich together.

Recomendationson thigns to see welcome! love outdoors and nature obviously ha avoiding cities even if takes me longer.

most likely do this 2022.



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Maybe this facebook group can help:
Also, I avoided the big road but went on big gravel:

Have a nice trip

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British Columbia

Hello Robert,

Should you make it to British Columbia's mainland coast, you're welcome to stay w/our family in Lions Bay.  We're just a short distance from one of the main ferry terminals that link to Vancouver Island as well as another section of BC's coast (the Sunshine Coast).  Safe travels!

Jon Wescott