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South America, PANAMERICANA, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia

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South America, PANAMERICANA, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia

Hi folks,


anyone out there in South America?. I mean times are crazy but the craziest are still out there as I heard or have met some.

Wether you got stuck last year and decided to wait it out, or ignored closed borders and sneaked across anyway.

Where are you guys and who are you?

Let me know. I am in Ecuador right now, deciding what to do next in order to get to my final destination in Patagonia.

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Didn't stick around

Wow, this person just posted less than 10 days ago then seems to have unregistered.  Guess, they are too busy to commit.

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Hi there,

Hi there,


I started cycling PanAm in 2020, heading North from Ushuaia, but Corona stopped me in Patagonia for 6 months. I spent over one year cycling Chile and next week I hope to fly to Cusco (land borders are closed). I am planing to cycle Great divide in Peru and would like to have companion. I could change my direction easly but i think it is better if heading North cause of winter. 

About me: female, 50, a writer, have been on the road since 2011. 

PM me if you are interested to make some deal.


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I wonder, how unregister anonymous individuals = not a member, can log in on our website and act freely, without any responsibility? To whom such privilege has been created?