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Charity Cycle - Ireland to Turkey

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Charity Cycle - Ireland to Turkey

Hey all, 

I thought I would introduce mysef as I have only just joined WS,  Im originally from Belfast (Northern Ireland) but have spent the last 3 years living and working as a pediatric nurse in London. Im very, very well travelled but am more accustomed to back packing than using a bike, Im actually a bike novice but have taken on the monumental task of cycling from Ireland to Turkey to raise money for a you center in Croatia - is external)  link posted for informative purpose only.

Currently, I am isolating in Belgium with plans next week to continue my journey on through to Luxemburg then onto Switzerland popping in and out of France and Germany along the way. After this I will cut through Leistenstein into Austria and onwards ti Croatia. I look forward to making some new friends along the way.

Marty :D :D :D

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