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ACA Sierra Cascades Mixie Alternative

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ACA Sierra Cascades Mixie Alternative

If you are touring the Sierra Cascades route with tires that are 35mm or wider, consider this beautiful mixie alternative and avoid a bad stretch of HWY 89 between Truckee and Greenville:

The Adventure Cycling Association actually recommends taking a bus for part of that stretch to avoid the narrow roads and logging trucks going 55+ mph.

This 106-mile alternative is scenic and includes plenty of options for resupplies, camping, and motels. You’ll ride on quiet, paved and gravel roads past beautiful lakes and meadows. And you’ll pass through small, quaint towns nestled on the edges of valleys. The gravel roads are generally high quality, but wider tires will give you more confidence on the descents.

Compared to the ACA route, you’ll add about 15 more miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Well worth it to avoid the stress and danger of riding on HWY 89.


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