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Atlanta to Chicago - how to best move two bikes without riding them

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Atlanta to Chicago - how to best move two bikes without riding them


me and my friend Nicole will cycle from Pittsburgh to Atlanta between July 15 and July 25. we will be mainly camping, but if you're a host along this route and would like to welcome us - please text me: 312 792 0813.

My main concern however is how to get the bikes back to Chicago. We have two light road bikes, they are not very valuable (~USD 400), but dear to us. I wondered if y'all have advice on this one. My ideal scenario would be to find someone driving from Atlanta to Chicago any time between July 25 and 31st who could take two bikes and me back (Nicole has to work and will take the Grayhound, which doesn't take bikes). If so - please let me know. All other options are also of interest, please reply here or text me 312 792 0813. 

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Greyhound takes bikes.  I

Greyhound takes bikes.  I have done it many times and their website talks about it under the Baggage section.  While it will take longer, you can also take Amtrak from Atlanta to Chicago via Washington.  You just hand the bikes to the baggage personnel, unboxed but the panniers removed.  Only "normal" bikes are allowed, no recumbents, tandems, trikes, etc.

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They're way way cheaper than FedEx but ship via FedEx!

ive sent bikes PA to CA, FL, TN etc.

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