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Three weeks tour from Germany still no fixed tour

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Three weeks tour from Germany still no fixed tour

My name is Julia (33) and I come from Münster (Germany) and excuse my bad English... 

From 26.7 to 15.8 I plan to go from Münster with my trekking bike. Where exactly? I don't know yet. After many van and backpacking tours through Europe, Thailand and Mexico, I now want to try my first bike tour. Although I know long day trips, but have never been on the road for days with the bike.
Briefly about me:
I like it when trips are spontaneous and not completely planned. I am tolerant when it comes to food. As for the tour planning, I would find a mixture of nature as well as city super. I also have a NRW semester ticket and am therefore flexible in NRW, but not fixed.
I don't care about the gender of the travel partner, you shouldn't be much younger or older than me. We also don't have to travel together the whole time � Everyone should feel free and independent, but it's very important to me that people take care of each other when you're already traveling together, because I can't stand egoism at all � .
Since I'm completely flexible about tour and place, the start can be for example in Munich, Hamburg or Belgium �
It would be great to have a completely new travel experience for me and meet new and interesting people. Maybe someone of you is just on a through trip in Germany and would be happy to have a company. 

Greetings, Julia

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do you plan to travel only

do you plan to travel only within Germany or also abroad? (e.g. Austria etc)

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Hello I will be biking form Strasbourg (France) to Vienna (Austria) beginning of September....