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Expedition Cyclist former Al Qaida Hostage

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Expedition Cyclist former Al Qaida Hostage


Hello, I am an expedition cyclist. on February 4, 2019 I was kidnapped by Islamist terrorists linked to Al Qaida in Mali, Africa, when I was pedaling towards the city of Timbuktu, in the Sahara desert. I was cycling through the Sahel. They stole everything from me. And I was kidnapped for 20 months. I was released on October 8, 2020. Now I would like to cycle around the world again. My dream is to cross the great deserts of the world by bicycle. And to do so I need a special bicycle, a quad, and all the tools to survive weeks in the desert. I had something but I lost everything in Mali. That is why I am here asking for help to be able to pedal around the world again.


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Just a question

Why you cycle in Mali ? 

Maybe a nice country but there is war since 2012 

Everybody knows it 

Civilians  are kill ,  Soldiers are kill and take risk to deliver hostage   and government also pay  so terrorist could buy more weapons 

Sorry but maybe a little bit unconscious 

 The world is big enough to find nice safe country