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Looking for Routes 2 weeks long in Morocco or Georgia

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Looking for Routes 2 weeks long in Morocco or Georgia

Hello everyone!
I wanted to know if you had any nice GPX file, or Routes in mind to share with me in order to plan my next trip to any of this to Destinations :)
Preferibaly I want to go to Morocco if not i'm thinkin on Georgia and Azerbaiyan

Thanks in advance to any kind of information you are able to send me!


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I just tried it again. But it

I just tried it again. But it is not working now. I tried to contact the owner and the server. Sad ...

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I contacted the owner of this page. She told it is repaired now. I tried and it is working again

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Maybe this is interesting

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Ich muß noch ergänzen, ich hatte erst nur am Browser im Handy probiert. Chrome + Opera. Dort geht es ohne Probleme. An meinem PC mit Mozilla geht das leider noch nicht. Ich habe das der Eigentümerin der Seite mitgeteilt.

I should say some more. I tried first only with browser Chrome + Opera in my mobile phone. There it works right again. But not in my PC with browser Mozilla. I told it to the owner.

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Morocco tips

We did a 2-week tour in Morocco in early 2015 and loved it.

Marrakesh >> Beni-Mellal >> Ifran >> Fes >> Chefchaouen >> Tetouan >> Tangiers

The scenery is absolutely amazing and people can be very friendly. They would let us camp near their house and often bring food in the morning(!)

If we were to go back to Morocco we'd probably do more of a mountain/desert route on the south end of the Atlas mountains.

As Moroccan cities go, Essaouira is the best.