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Switzerland - Balkans - Turkey

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Switzerland - Balkans - Turkey

Hi everyone

A friend and I are planning a bicycle trip from Switzerland to Turkey starting in April.

I am looking for recommendations. What do we absolutely need to see? Where do we need to go? What not to do? 

Where are the most beautiful paths to ride? 

Looking forward to your suggestions! 



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Hi there

We started cyceling from Switzerland to Athens last summer, now we are currently cycling in Turkey.

So I can write some of our "best of" just as ideas.

- from Trieste to the Slovenien border is an old railway path that is now a cycling route. Really nice and no cars. (but you need a gravel bike)

- from Mostar (Bosnia) to Dubrovnik is another old railway path that is now a cycling route. It is a little bit more wild but also very nice.

- Montenegro in general was beautiful. Many people told us not to cycle all the way on the coast. So we went to Kotor, there the pass upwards and then all the way along the Shkodre lake. This was our favorite part of the whole Balkan part, we would highly recomand this (even if we don't know the coast very well).

- Albania was our favorite country. It is more adventuroues because the roads are not always in best conditions but it is really beautiful, the people are very nice and there are plenty of good wild camping spots.


These are just some ideas, if you have more questions or want different informations just let us know. Or you can check out our blog Einblicke in unsere Weltreise ( maybe you find some helpful stuff. Have fun