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Travel insurance

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Travel insurance


Does anyone have any advice on finding travel insurance for a multi month bike tour across Europe and Central Asia? We are UK residents and finding it a minefield!

Anyone got any companies they would recommend or tips for searching?

Thanks, Heather




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RE: Travel Insurance

Hi Heather,

Don't know if you've found something by now, but thought I'd add my 2p. I've taken out a Trek policy with British Mountaineering Council ( for a European tour this summer. I've not used them before, so can't give you detailed info about what they're like to work with, unfortunately.

Hope that helps,



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Probably a bit late but we

Probably a bit late but we have used One Cover Multi-trip in the past. They were great when I broke my arm. Even had a few "welfare check" calls from them. Processed my claim on return to Australia and got the money in 2 days. 

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Travel insurance

Some banks offer travel insurance on many of the better credit cards.
Platinum or Gold.

Here in Australia we use a ANZ platinum and get a 6 month complimentary travel insurance. We've had to make a claim once and it works. There are rules. Credit card costs us $200aud per year.
You need to spend at least $2000 aud on the trip and have to have a ticket back to country of origin. It can be an open Jaw.
ie. Fly London to Athens, then Bishkek to London.
Easy rules to adhere to