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Iceland freestyle touring

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Iceland freestyle touring

Hey all,

I'm in Iceland doing a mix of bike touring and voluntary work from now until late August and I'd love to link up with some bike tourers while I'm here. I'm easy going and fun, and a confident cyclist and mechanic. 

I usually don't plan my trips in much detail at all. I like to be entirely flexible with the plan and like to spend a lot of time relaxing and exploring at an easy pace. I'd like to travel with someone who is interested in travelling slowly, really getting to know the land and people, and who's comfortable with testing conditions.

Let me know if this appeals to you and we can take it from there!



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In iceland too

Hi Thomas,

I'll be in Iceland too from July 4th till August 20th (so cycling probably from 5th July to 18th august).

My rough plan is as follows:

Reykjavik- Thingvellir - Kalinandur(f550) - Borgarness - Snaefell peninsula South- Snaefell peninsula half north, ferry to West fjords -:West fjords - south via F35 - north via F26 - Askja - east via ring road and south back to Reykjavik (either ring road or other roads).

If you may be interested in joining me for a while, drop me a line.