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San Francisco -> San Diego - Feb 2023

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San Francisco -> San Diego - Feb 2023

Would love any companionship, even for sections of the ride from San Francisco to San Diego.
I am a 26 year old engineer, and have done many short tours in Florida and California, but this will be my longest tour so far.
My current plan is to ride from 1/28/23 - 2/11/23, but I am flexible to push the dates back a bit if someone wants to join me. My budget is $30/day (approx. $10 for campsites, $20 for food). There's a lack of campsite options in SoCal, so I am hoping to use Warm Showers for that section. I am planning my average mileage to be 45 miles/day for 14 days + 1 rest day in the middle.

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