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questions about getting bike for touring Flanders/Belgium

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questions about getting bike for touring Flanders/Belgium


I want to make a small tour of Flanders (maybe some Wallonia as well) at the start of June. I lived for a couple years there during the 90s so the tour will be mixed also with more "practical" visits as I spent some childhood years there (revisiting former schools, institutions, maybe searching for some other archives and so on). So I think it will be like 2 days cycling, then 1 day visiting a city or doing those visits, then 2 days cycling again, and so on.

My question is, what would an efficient way for me to move around?
If I take a bike from a bike rental shop it might be cheaper (~25E per week) but then it would be a constant stress of taking care of the bike and being careful for it to not being stolen. I would not want to travel like that, but maybe I'm overthinking this.

the Blue Bike system seems like a good compromise to me. take the bike (3,5E), travel, then leave the bike at your destination (another 10E). that would be ~13.5E per cycling day if I change towns. This of course can quickly add up, but at least I leave the bike at its station and I'm done with that, and then I can check in at a B&B or host and explore by foot. Also this way helps greatly with spontaneity.

by the way, I think this way of traveling qualifies as ok for using Warmshowers, right? I still have my bag with me, so I'll be 'packing around.

Thoughts on this? What can you recommend? maybe there is another alternative that I haven't thought of, thanks!

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