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Seeking companion for Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica

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Seeking companion for Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica

Hello, I am a New Zealander seeking a bikepacking companions for the following:

* OAXACA - September/ October 2023 (exact dates TBC)*
- Excursions in Etla (2 days)
- La Vuelta De Santiago Apoala + TCBR sur (10 days)
- Vuelta A Los Pueblos Mancomunados (all on )
* GUATEMALA - 20 January - 21 February 2024
* COSTA RICA - 21 February - End of March 2024
- (longest route)

I am not very experienced at bikepacking and see it as way of travelling and experiencing culture, rather than the end within it self. For this reason, I might not be as fast as some others :) For the Guatemala trip, I am particularly keen to take time to climb some volcanoes, and in Costa Rica take some days to surf. If this sounds like your vibe too, I'd love to hear from you. I'm keen to do a mix of tenting and budget accom, prefer to spend my money on eating local food!

I am 28 years old, and work in Environmental Policy for Government. I am an environmentalist at heart, and I love the outdoors, meditation, yoga, reading, dancing, learning languages, and getting to know new people. I am vegetarian. I travel by bike as its low carbon and a great pace to really get to know a new country and culture.

There are some smaller trips I am doing around Mexico in August, get in touch if you're gonna be around then :)

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Sounds like fun! I rode

Sounds like fun! I rode around other parts of Mexico, it's a gorgeous country, the food's delicious, and the people are friendly. Highly rewarding to know or learn some Spanish. I've heard tons of good things about Oaxaca.
I have some friends in Costa Rica and Mexico, if you're interested I can send you their contacts or ask them any questions for you.
As for me I'm now in Colombia and heading south. So it seems we're in different areas but if you want any info on Mexico or bike touring feel free to ask.
Enjoy the ride and culture, and tailwinds! :)

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Possibly interested for early 2024

Hi Jessie,
Your plans sound great. I‘m currently on a euro trip and am taking September and October to make my way back to Germany, so unfortunately I am unable to join around this time but I am really curious about the plans for early 2024. I will try to plan when I’m back in Germany and I’m leaving this comment so we can stay in touch!