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PacificNW@70 Solo Bicycle Tour 2014

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PacificNW@70 Solo Bicycle Tour 2014

I am a cross-country bicyclist from Des Moines, Iowa, USA who has recently celebrated his 70th year with a 2013 solo 7,000 mile bicycle tour of the eastern USA and Canada, promoting ‘Superior Physical and Mental Health Through Vigorous Exercise and Adventure’.

My upcoming 2014/2015 PacificNW@70 Solo Bicycle Tour is another zigzag 8,000 mile (2 season) western USA loop where I shall video/photograph places, events & like-minded adventurers while using aerial and other waterproof on-board miniature HD cameras to capture the excitement.

Beginning circa May 15th of 2014, this journey is anticipated to take 3-4 months to traverse the route from Des Moines, Iowa to Vancouver, BC, then south down the Pacific Seaboard of the USA to San Luis Obispo, CA. My still flexible 2014 route passes through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Vancouver Island, and then down the Pacific coastline of Oregon and California.

The 2015 balance of the ride begins in San Luis Obiispo, CA and resumes again proceeding down the Pacific coastline to our border with Mexico where it will veer east. The track then winds extensively through the arid Southwestern USA to experience the endless wonders of National Parks, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Rockies before returning across the heartland to Des Moines, Iowa. MAPS:

The route passes through some of the most spectacular and beautiful territory in the USA where I will be meeting 1,000s of people in the adventure, triathlon, and cycling communities by giving numerous inspirational lectures at pivotal locations. I will also stop in bike shops, meet with bike clubs, and attend events throughout the USA and Canada where they always barrage me with questions concerning my gear, photography equipment, and a 70 year old's adventures. Http:// (An updated clip is being created for the next ride).

My aim for this next tour is to improve gear and shared image quality for a comprehensive, well presented and organized ride, and also to place more off-bicycle experiences that inspire the mind within the itinerary. Promotional planning is much more intense than in years past. Something new this year is the contacting of each newspaper editor and media outlet along the route for exposure. I am finding that most of these organizations are starved for unique news items. It’s more a fascination concerning my age than the message of ‘Superior Health’, I’m sure.

Besides the lectures promoting my adventures to the over 50 crowd given at select locations, I wish to introduce the excitement of regional outdoor activities to the uninformed on a daily basis to my Facebook Page, which has acted as my social media and on-going journal in the past. Over 1,300 photos were posted with comments in 2013.

I stayed with 127 hosts on last year's ride without a hitch. I was on my best behavior while attempting to bring friendship and comraderie into the mix. My hosts were the backbone of my enjoyment and from now on, the only way to go. Camping by tent is a fallback only. I have already begun arranging hospitality hosts for the over 100 overnight stops of my 2014 journey. These are made up of gracious people from Couchsurfers, Warmshowers, and Tripping hospitality sites along with the adventure, bicycle and triathlon communities, Chambers of Commerce, park rangers, and replies from newspaper ‘Letters to the Editor’. There is no social or promotional value from just passing through a community.

Distances will be reduced this tour to 50 miles/day and less to allow time for multiple side trips, mountain passes, weather, points of interest, thrill activities, image capture, and sponsor requests. Days off will be reserved for special events, don't-miss locations, liaisons, and relaxation. I regret that in the past I have skipped many interesting stops just to stay on schedule.

Everyone is welcome to join me for some enjoyable miles in person, or on-line in spirit. I hope you all have a great bicycle season.