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Oregon Coast weather

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Oregon Coast weather

Looking for info on weather on the Oregon coast in early October. I plan to take a train to Portland, head out to the coast, and ride it down to SF. Looking for general insight on weather for this time of year.


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Weather in general

October riding - while available daylight hours are noticably less, the weather you encounter will be a crap shoot - climate change has made most historical data irrelevant. The mere fact you are riding in the off-season, your expectations have to be... it will be an adventure full of sharp memories.

My October rides south along the West coast have included headwinds and rain, mixed with cool, dry, sunny days with tailwinds.

The one upside to touring this time of year, hiker/biker camping sites should always be available, as will motels.

We all need to answer the question: Why cycle touring? I view cycle touring as a joy: slow travel and engaging nature and locals up close and personal. I hold little concerns about the weather; stores are always available to grab different clothes if need be.

If I was wanting more assured, agreeable cycling weather in October, I might explore the low elevation deserts of the SW, should be mid 70's and dry. Nothing wrong with those conditions.

On another slant, given your age and physical accumen for amateur bike racing, it reminds me of a friend's son, similar bio, who just rode your proposed route in five to six days. At that pace, who really cares what the weather is? You can finish before you know if it is miserable or not.

Cheers Peter

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Oregon weather

I rode it the last to weeks.
The golden October. In the morning it’s always very foggy. You need worm and waterproof clothes.