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Hello fellow cyclist,
This winter we are going to Taïwan. We heard that it was a very nice country to cycle. We also want to escape from the snow and freezing temperature here in Montreal, Canada! So that means that we will spend three month in Taïwan, from mid-january to mid-april.
Knowing that it takes less than 2 weeks to circumnavigate the island, would you have any suggestion on where we could stay for a couple of days and enjoy riding such region?
Also, from february 10th to 17th is Chinese New Year. We were thinking of staying put that week, since everything seems closed, in either Tainan, Kaohsiung or Liuqiu. Were would you go?
Besides these two topics, we are open to any suggestion on routes, accomodation or any recommandation you can think of.

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I make a mistake sending private message so I also write here

we make round trip in 50 days
taking time , side trip , island trip as xiaoliqiu ( you have other as pescador )..

for chinese new year maybe tainan quite nice city or the south peninsula around kenting with nice side trip in the national park : Xiaoliqiu is really small even if it is nice

if you have time at the end or to escape chinese new year you can let the bike ( warmshowers members ) and take a flight to okinawa archipelago in japan

look at that map with weather statistics especialy for wind the east coast with head wind is not funny