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Journey To Homeland

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Journey To Homeland


My name is Mohd Azrulhan and im travel with my childhood friend, its name is Muhammad Adib, we're muslim, we on our journey from London to Malaysia by bicycle, almost 29,000km and we estimated 17 months to reach our homeland, its an epic adventure!! We also a low budget traveler and try to get connected with local peolpe while visit historical place, learn their way of life, their culture, taste their food (local food) as long its halal/helal and much more that we can share and exchange.

If we on you're way, we appreciate a warm welcome and everything from you, don't hesitate to get through us with any sosial media that we shared, thanks.

Reach us here:





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welcom to IRAN

if you came to Iran we'll glad to visit you.
cheers journey,

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Iran its on our route

Hello Ali,
Its on our route! Great! Where your place at? Now we at Czech Republic, maybe on next year we will be there, we plan to enter middle east through Turkey and after that go to Iran and to Pakistan, from Pakistan we plan to enter China through the karakoram highway. Thanks for interested in our journey (∩_∩), do you have any contact number to whatsapp or fb messenger, its much more easier to contact, thanks, keep in touch!

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that sounds epic

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Thanks aaron (∩_∩)

Thanks aaron (∩_∩)

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