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Round the world trip moving into its final leg across North America

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Round the world trip moving into its final leg across North America

I've been on my tour for 14 months now and have ridden from Europe through central Asia and across China. In a couple of weeks I'll be heading from Tokyo to Vancouver. Then it'll be south to San Diego, east to New Orleans and north again to NYC...that's the plan anyway.
I've been blogging the entire trip at and my most recent posts have been about riding the 88 temples pilgrimage in Japan, which I did as a really enjoyable side trip.

It would be good to get any route tips for the ride across the States such as sights and recommended roads.



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ACA routes on WS Website map

Hey, Adam,

On the Warmshowers Website, you can add the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) routes to the map on the home page. There are two click boxes near the upper left corner of the map. One will overlay the ACA routes on the map. Then you click the "Expand map" link and have at it.

While this won't add the information contained on the ACA maps, you can see the routes they have developed that are relevant to your trip.

If you take the Southern tier route east from San Diego, find yourself passing through Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the timing is right, drop me a line. I'm 1 of 14 hosts in BRLA.


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Thanks Mark

I normally use the maps on the app so had no idea that overlay was there. That'll make planning my route a lot easier!

I'll be sure to look you up if I ride by Baton Rouge.


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