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Dogs of Mexico

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Dogs of Mexico

I have recently finished (or perhaps put on hold) my cycle tour from my hometown of Monterey, California to Oaxaca, Mexico. I am hoping to return and continue on through Central America and South America. It was an unforgettable experience and there were so many fun, strange, crazy stories along the way. "The Dogs of Mexico" is my a short story I wrote recently for a travel blog and you can find it at

It talks about one of the funny and at times serious challenges of street dog attacks while riding a bicycle. It left such an impression on me because before I began my trip many people tried to dissuade me from traveling through Mexico because of how dangerous it is for a woman. Most of these people offering me negative advice had never even stepped foot in the country. I was very frustrated with this and soon found after crossing the border that I loved Mexico and it's people, land and culture. The theme of the story is about the dangers you can create in your mind, either by the influence of others or by yourself, and overcoming them by confronting them head on.

Check out the story and let me know what you think! Or if you have some interesting dog stories from tours.

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dogs of mexico

Dear Eva,
what a lovely story.
Dogs were a big part of our journey, Alaska to Argentina.
I'm absolutely crazy about dogs, and we had many dogs accompany us during the trip, usually for an hour or so - sometimes a day. They guarded our tent at night and sometimes ended up insde....
Not so in Mexico! They were often of the vicious kind. I guess they have to get used to fending for themselves. I can remember being attacked on a narrow stretch of highway on the edge of tijuana, that was way freakier than all the warnings we had had about drug lords and kidnappings.....
I too did that growl a few times and surprised myself!
Well done for making that journey as a solo woman cyclist - it's amazing how fear of the unknown makes people warn you of all the negatives.
Hope you continue to ride and write and enjoy life!

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Hi Anna, Thanks for the

Hi Anna,
Thanks for the reply. Always great to hear from other cyclists who made the long venture...dogs and all. I found some amazing dogs along the way as well that assumed the role as our personal guards while camping. As we approached each small town we were not sure what to expect with the dogs. It was always exciting and a bit adrenaline pumping too.
Keep on riding!

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Nice article, fortunately

Nice article, fortunately they haven't bitted you! It happened to me in eastern europe, albania, bulgaria and romania. Sometimes they hooked on my panniers destabilizing the bike, I hap to stop not to fall down. When getting down a hill, I tried to go as fast as possible but still they pursued me.
Currently i'm living in Mexico DF but planning to start a trip in the coming months. First i have to find a reliable bicycle here which is not easy.
Take care and thanks for sharing your stories,

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Thanks Bruno! They didn't

Thanks Bruno!
They didn't bite me but they definitely bit my friend on the leg and left two nice puncture wounds. They also loved going after my long trailer and surfboard..I was sure I would find bite marks on the end of the board. Sounds like you've had some interesting stories of your own!
Congratulations on getting ready for another trip! Maybe I'll see you on the road!

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