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A bicycle with history

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A bicycle with history

In 2012 Eric Feng, warmshower member from China, rode from Kunming to Lisbon (Portugal).
Near Lisbon his bicycle was stollen and he called me.
I gave him some directions and he came to my home where he stayed until he flew back to China.
Some months later, portuguese police found the bicycle, and after mailed Eric, he wanted me to pick up the bicycle.

The question was: how to send him the bicycle?

The answer: cycle it to Chine and handle it over to Eric.

That's what I'm doing: I'm cycling from Lisbon Portugal) to Kunming (China) to give him the bicycle. In China I'll by another one and will keep on cycling around the wrold.

You can follow me at:

NOTE: Are you on my route? Do you have a place where I can stay overnight? I would appreciate.

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Around the world.

You are the man!
If you make it to Los Angeles I would be proud to meet you

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THANKX Barry I hope I make it

I hope I make it to LA


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