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T-shirts and accessories

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T-shirts and accessories

As many of you will recall, there was a rather lengthy thread in November on the Facebook page about t-shirts. As a result of that thread I researched selling shirts and accessories.

Given that is a virtual organization, managed by volunteers, with a budget that is dependent upon donations and with an international membership, the best solution is one that requires a minimum of management time once implemented and is sustainable, a minimum capital requirement (preferably none), and services our international membership.

With those criteria, my recommended solutions are:

1) Issue: Minimize day to day management on our side and be sustainable.
Solution: Outsource order collection, inventory management and order fulfillment, not just printing.

2) Issue: Minimize capital requirement.
Solution: Print on demand with DTG (direct-to-garment) print, no need to print and hold inventory.

3) Issue: Services international membership.
Solution: Service provider must have international fulfillment capability.

Using the above, I investigated several print service providers and the one that meets all three above requirements is They offer end to end service, from providing our own storefront to shipping internationally. Galloree also appears to have a good reputation on print bulletin boards.

There are negatives to this solution:
1) Galloree's product offering is not cycling specific, so we would be able to sell t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, coffee cups, etc., but no team kits, casquettes, etc.

I know there are members that want to have cycling kits and such, but I do not see a solution addressing this that doesn't require us to buy a minimum quantity, then manage warehousing and fulfillment ourselves.

As we move forward and learn from t-shirts, taking "one step at a time", there should be opportunities in other products, such as jerseys, provided adequate processes can be put in place.

2) Per shirt margin would be less than if we screen-print a bulk quantity of shirts, which requires capital and storage. By going the DTG route, we can still make a good margin without having to buy a minimum quantity, hold inventory and manage fulfillment.

Galloree charges $10 for a one-sided (front or back) print on a Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee and $13 for a two-sided print (front and back) on the same Gildan shirt. They offer several other, more expensive tees, but this is the one I recommend based on cost and durability.

Other nonprofit cycling orgs (ACA, PeopleForBikes) charge $15-20 for shirts. Randy suggest we set the donation for our tees at $25. With a two-sided print, that would yield a $12 (25-13) donation, and if 10% of the membership purchase shirts in a year, that is in excess of $60,000 in donations for maintaining and enhancing

Jeff Beaulieu gave invaluable input and did an excellent work on the art for the t-shirts, examples attached.

I would also like to thank Dan Webb for his valuable input.

I look forward to your comments.


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re: T-shirts and accessories

Personally I really like tech t shirts, or polo shirts. Thus, I wonder, if this could be available as well as cotton T's.

Love the concept, and art work. Thanks everyone for your work/research

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I would gladly order a shirt as soon as available. There appears to be a different cut to the blue tee on the left. The sleeves are much nicer, shorter and stylish... that would be the tee I would want. The tees are of course an example but I thought it worth a mention.

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The blue shirt looks nice but the comment about polo shirts is valid. The poly cotton are less likely to need ironing/pressing, collar can protect neck from sun and can pass for a nicer shirt if required at some eateries. I know everyone has an opinion but my thoughts anyway.

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T shirt

An idea: Proper bicycle shirt with long back part and pockets at the back.

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Looks good, we use t-shirts for touring so they would be ideal. Let us know when they are available.

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Drew: One of the ideas that I had for merchandising was a (small) flag so that hosts could put it in front of the house/apartment when a guest was expected so that the guest would know they had the correct house.

I will try to remember to bring it up at our Board of Directors meeting that is occurring in less than an hour.

Louis Melini

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Thanks to everyone for your

Thanks to everyone for your comments. The board has approved moving froward with this project, and so you will be hearing more from us soon. We expect the initial product range will be fairly limited, but as we move forward we will work to broaden the range.

Again, thanks for all your input!

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Window stickers / signs

Greetings, All,

I just posted the below to galloree contact:


My local bicycle advocacy group has a bike friendly business program. As part of that we provide window stickers with our logo in the center and text printed around the outer edges of the logo. The logo and text are printed on a clear base. I can send an image if you wish to see what I am referencing.

Another organization I an engaged with is interested in something like this. Is it possible that you provide such window stickers?

Thanks for your attention to my query!


I don't think I can attach a file inn a reply or I would put an image of what we have done locally here for your viewing pleasure. I'll see if I can do that in another way.

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Hey Mark, The way

Hey Mark,

The way works is we would need to upload artwork to their website once we have the store set up. Right now we are focused on moving forward with t-shirts first.


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Hey, Drew, Indeed. I'm just

Hey, Drew,

Indeed. I'm just putting this out for discussion and to discover if galoree can produce something like what I mentioned. Not trying to jump the queue or horn in on your efforts.


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