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Generosity on Wheels

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Generosity on Wheels

Hi Everyone!

I am going to cycle through the wild plains of Central America with pockets full of gratitude (currency = gratitude). My road starts from Panama City and goes through all the CA countries, even through Mexico, up to U.S. border. More than 5000 km on the roads I don't know.

I will do it off the grid and I will rely on the generosity of people for food and water. And at the same time I will raise awareness 'moving beyond fear'.

If anyone would like to follow, share or maybe even contribute for the good cause then you can do so on the links provided below.

Indiegogo Campaign:
Facebook Page:

And I would also like to point out that if your home would be on my cycling way and you'd like to meet me then shoot me an email! We might make it happen ;-)

Much Love,



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can anybody tell me, why is warmshowers changing so fast, why is it about asking for everything instead of sharing, and thanking the people who offer their place for a night. It is a community of people with the same interest, not a community to find a cheap way of travelling. If you go on a trip what you want to make, it is quit normal that you pay for it, is your journey in your life! Most people in all those countries you are going to travel through dream about having a tent, a bike and enough food. You will encounter very poor people in very bad circumstances. Saying even through Mexico sounds strange, remember there are living millions of people there, living there day by, day, they can't escape, its their home.
I know where I talk about, I have cycled not only central america but also south america.

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Hi Karin,This project is

Hi Karin,

This project is actually nothing to do about WarmShowers! Why I wrote and wanted to let people know about that was just about pure information. No one is pushed or hoped to take any action if this goes out of their way of believing in what I do.

On that road I am not only turning to people and in your words wanting something from them - the biggest GIFT anyone could GIVE to another is your ENERGY. Therefore I see this project through very different eyes. Its about love and empowerment.

I am very well aware that people are poor and that conditions are bad. For me this world we live in is not JUST about MONEY, its about love and helping each other. The monetary system as we know will cease to exist and I jope that my eyes will see it happening.

If this project and blog goes against WarmShowers policy then I am more than happy to remove my post. Its not my intention to trash the concept of something so brilliant for cyclists. I do apologize if this is how you felt!

I do see that you have a very personal connection with Central American countries, especially the people living there. I only ask from you to see the brighter side of this project. My main goal is to give hope, and not only to the people I meet but the ones who might be following me. EVERYONE has a CHOICE in their life which shapes us every way possible. And again, its not about money or a career or who has a better life than their neighbor or a friend, its about being connected. Old days it was an exchange system and still in many small places around the world it exists.

I will not dig in or go political about these issues because I don't see a reason to do so.

I hope you will see the bright side of the project.

Much Love,


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Well Said

Karin, maybe this should be in a different thread, but I agree to some extent to what you said. I have noticed a trend in 2 styles of guests; cyclists who are "touring and use an occasional host to shower and regroup", and "travelers who base their miles on traveling from host to host".

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Thanks for writing and being

Thanks for writing and being fully honest. I have slept on everythng you've said and I understand where everyone is coming from with their comments.

About getting funded by others for your own adventure.. I think that more people should try similar approach more often. When someone has a dream and they want it so bad then they will find ways to make the dream come alive. Asking hasn't hurt anyone. If other people are inspired by my actions and the way I move in life then they have the free will to contribute or just follow me or maybe do nothing. I embrace every decision. I am already grateful when someone has taken the time to read the campaign text. So thank you!

And again, I agree with Karin. Its not the best place to post this adventure.

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Hello guys


How are you?

My name is Roman, I am from France but i live in Malaysia with my wife for the past 2 years now.

I have cycled 21000km across 16 countries and I have recently created a website: is external)

Iam seeking for bikepackers to share there stories with me to add on the website.

If you are interested:

- Write a story about your journey
- Send us 6 photos
- Send us all your social media link + Website (if any)
- Your couchsurfing link (optional)

to sends e-mail)

Share your experience: is external)

Thank you


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