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Constant Diligence - Nasties are never far away..

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Constant Diligence - Nasties are never far away..

Just a reminder to everyone, there is good and bad lurking everywhere.

7 months and over 7000km in to my South American exploration of Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, my journey has come to an unexpected and terrible end... for now

You see, I got complacent; I found a beautiful, wild-campsite, by Lake Villarrica, Pucón, Chile. The beauty was such, that I stayed three nights; swimming, fishing (unsuccessfully) recovering and preparing for the upcoming slog south to Patagonia.

I *forgot* the most important/only rule of wild camping...
Nobody should know your location.

Perhaps I misplaced trust in humanity after receiving so much love and kindness and nourishment from strangers, warmshowers hosts and friends of friends, of friends..

A few people on the beach saw me drag Peggy through the soft sand and into the trees, that is enough, for anyone who knows the area. Local knowledge is king. "Tourists" are prey.

This is what I did wrong, this is what I learn from, this is why my experience must be remembered, must be shared.

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I know that feel bro...

Regarding your post, you mentioned never mention your location. I absolutely, totally agree on that.

First, if people asked you, where you going? Maybe you can say i am going from point A to point B and maybe some vague schedule, for those overly curious people.

Recently i concluded a 1580km around my home state of Sabah. And people along the route asked a LOT of question. Its okay to answer those basics asls question, background and history. But i never tell them where i planned to stay for the night, either camp site or hotel.

You're awesome. I saw your blog.

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Thanks man, it's great to connect with you, perhaps we'll cross spokes in the future! :D

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Jonny, where exactly are you

Jonny, where exactly are you now? I have a bike (not a big thing and definetely not high tech), but should do the job, or at least you could sell it. And also I can send you a couple of gas canisters and a little stove.

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That's simply wonderful from you, Yasson!

I am currently in Pucón, searching for the bicycle, but it is a fruitless task and I am losing hope. Two weeks have passed since the robbery happened, and my passport hasn't been handed in either, so I will return to Santiago this week to visit the British Embassy again, who were of no help what so ever last time round, and apply for a replacement passport.

A bike would be a great help right now, so I thank you for the offer, and the stove too, rebuilding my gear is my current mission.

My facebook is:

perhaps we could continue talking there?!

Much love

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No problem ;) I don' have a

No problem ;)

I don' have a facebook account, but I always check my email. Let me know when you come to Santiago and we can meet somewhere


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