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Window sticker / sign

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Window sticker / sign

Seems there has to be a new post in order to add a file.

My local bicycle advocacy org has a bicycle friendly business program. Part of that program is a window sticker for the business. Please see the attached image file.

This is what I sent to galoree via the contact form:


My local bicycle advocacy group has a bike friendly business program. As part of that we provide window stickers with our logo in the center and text printed around the outer edges of the logo. The logo and text are printed on a clear base. I can send an image if you wish to see what I am referencing.

Another organization I an engaged with is interested in something like this. Is it possible that you provide such window stickers?

Thanks for your attention to my query!


We've recently received yet another request for a window sign. If galoree can produce a sticker like the one in the image it might be a way to handle the window sign requests.

You're thoughts?