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Bike route from Reims to the Moselle River

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Bike route from Reims to the Moselle River

Hello, I wonder if anyone has information about a possible bike route east from Reims in France to the Moselle, either to Metz or further north. Is there a canal or river path that is relatively easy or is it all on roads?
Also I'm presuming that once we get to the Moselle there will be paths that will take us to the Netherlands?
thanks, Prue

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Reims to the Moselle (Mosel in Germany)


I'm always curious, if I can answer questions like this. Now ... I hope, that what I have found will help you. It is a website with free maps for cyclists - maps like a jigsaw puzzle to put together by numbers:
You need to print 'Teil A' and 'Teil B' and the maps can guide you out of Reims on two different ways which join after about 20 kms and then lead to Sierck-les-Bains on the Moselle. From the german village Perl, just only few kms north from Sierck-les-Bains, famous cycling trails will take you through pittoresque sceneries of wine, woods & water along the Mosel and the Rhein.


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Thank you very much for your help Monika.

I will try to enlarge the maps so that we have clearer picture.


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Finally I found it: There is

Finally I found it: There is also an introduction to the maps & map legend in English language:

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Reims to Mosel

Thanks again Monika, you have been most helpful with that information.