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Family of five cycling through Europe, would love your suggestions or hosting!

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Family of five cycling through Europe, would love your suggestions or hosting!

Hi! My family and I will be cycling around central Europe from mid-May to beginning of September, touring through Netherlands, south along the Rhine in Germany, Switzerland, then across Austria, from Vienna to Czech Republic, Germany again (from Prague to Berlin) and finally north to Denmark, leaving Copenhagen on September 2. We would love any advice, hosting (we have our tents so can easily camp in backyards, or cram together in a small place) or cycling tips! We are on a trip around the world and our blog is

We have done cycle touring in Ontario and Quebec and have cycled in Netherlands before, which we love. We look forward to meeting and chatting with fellow cycle tourers! Our children would also love to meet other children of cycling families.

We speak English, some French and some Spanish.

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You can see this site:

For hosting use the WS main page or WS app and ask people directly.

Good ride, Sebastian

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an more

Good idea is an mobile phone number with country code in Your profile. When You are riding, only this number is shown in

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phone number and eurovelo

Thank you Sebastian! We just got a mobile phone so will add that to our profile. We have been looking at eurovelo and it's great. And we have been in direct contact with a few hosts and already have had two amazing experiences. Great to have this warm shower community offering advice and support, thanks again!

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