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Seattle, WA Orlando, FL

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Seattle, WA Orlando, FL

l a truck driver planing to bike from Seattle, WA back home Orlando, FL
i can use any recommendation that could help me complete this challenger
what type of bike i should buy?
food etc.
never been in a bike for more than 20 miles.
i know my hart is ready for this.
but i know i have to collect as much information as i can


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Let's kick this off by saying if you've got the motivation, you can do it. Touring is 80% motivation.

Fit is First with a touring bike. You'll be doing long days in the saddle, day after day. Make sure what you've got fits you well. If possible ride as long as allowed before buying. Most bike shops cater to roadies, not long distance tourist, so be careful of what they might recommend. The Long Haul Trucker is one of the premier touring bikes, but there are several others. OTOH, people ride x-country on just about everything imaginable. Again, it's mostly about motivation.

A sort of touring joke is to make two piles. Gear in one, money in the other. Now halve the gear and double the money.

Log onto for tons of good info about touring, and a great place to journal your ride.

Happy pedaling.

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Route options

If you don't already have a route planned, you might want to consider the What used to be known as the Bikecentenial Trans- American Bike route. Goes from Or to VA, pretty nice route, much better then the North Star or Southern bike routes, I've done most of all three, The route from Or to VA, much more interesting. You can get maps from Adventure Cycling. Though I've had a number of folks stay at my house here in RI who just use google and have done fine. Advantage of a planned route is you will run into other cyclist to ride with too.
I would definitely agree with Crazy Guy, get a touring bike, what you are looking for there is a longer wheel base then a rode bike, mine is 42" and a wider range of gears, some very low, lower then 27 gear inches and higher then 105. those numbers are how far you will go forward for each turn of the peddles. My bike goes from about 22 to 110"
Last take half of what you think you need, as everyone takes too much, and you will be on the road, so you can buy anything you are missing. Do bring a spare tube and a roll up spare tire.
People do fine on many types of bikes I once met a man touring on an old 50's cruiser with one speed, he was doing fine, been on the road for 6 months had legs that looked like oak trees.
Stay clean and you will be invited into peoples homes
Have fun, the first week you may be sore every day, but in a week or two you will be in great condition and able to ride as long as you want, but you have to get through those first few miles of pain.
Have fun, Tom

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