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Riding our bicycles to all 72 Wisconsin County Seats

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Riding our bicycles to all 72 Wisconsin County Seats

My wife & I will be riding from our home in Madison to visit every county seat in Wisconsin (72). We plan to begin this epic adventure in late July and finish early October (72 days).

We will be looking for hosts along the way. If you are located in Wisconsin, we sure would appreciate any help you could offer to us along the way.

Our plan is to ride approximately 50 miles per day to allow us enough time to enjoy the journey as we ride through our beautiful Wisconsin countryside.

Here is our Facebook page where we will be blogging our trip:

Jo & Ray Resch

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How are you?

My name is Roman, I am from France but i live in Malaysia with my wife for the past 2 years now.

I have cycled 21000km across 16 countries and I have recently created a website: is external)

Iam seeking for bikepackers to share there stories with me to add on the website.

If you are interested:

1- Subscribe to our website

- Write a story about your journey
- Send us 6 photos
- Send us all your social media link + Website (if any)
- Your couchsurfing link (optional)

to sends e-mail)

Share your experience: is external)

Thank you


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