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Treaurer's report May 31 2015

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Treaurer's report May 31 2015

The Income Statement is attached below for your reference. The Balance Sheet consists only of assets; our assets at May 30, 2015 is the balance of our bank account, $59,339.87 and Paypal balance of $2,891.79, for a total of $62,231.66.

As most know, our 2015 donations were significantly greater than 2014; and to date 2015 is ahead of 2014 ($80,258.12 v $6,095.00).

Current balance: As of May 30, 2015, we have a bank account balance of $59,339.87 and Paypal balance of $2,891.79, for a total of $62,231.66.

Donations: We received 3190 donations through May 30, 2015 for a total of $80,258.12, compared to 213 donations for same period in 2014 for a total of $6,095.00. Average per donation was $25.16/donation in 2015, compared to $28.61/donation 2014.

There is a discrepancy of $8,326.29 between donations per Donortools and donations recorded in the Wave accounting software. A portion is that Donortools records the full value but Stripe only sends us 97% of donations, which accounts for $2,407.74.