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Executive Director Contract

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Executive Director Contract

This contract is between the Foundation and Randy Fay to fulfill the roles of Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Executive Director will:

  • Act as Executive Director of Foundation with multiple duties including but not limited to
    • Leadership of all the volunteers in the community
    • Budget and fundraising short- and long-term planning.
    • Leadership, design, execution of technical needs for the community, including donation/membership capabilities.
    • Long-term planning for the organization
    • Support for Help Desk and Trust and Safety group.
    • Leadership for the Foundation Board.
    • Submit invoices to the Foundation based on hours worked at \$80/hour. Each month's invoice will be capped at \$5000, and the year's total compensation capped at \$50,000.

The Foundation will:

  • Pay invoices submitted monthly on a net-15 basis when funds are available to pay the invoices while leaving at least $5000 in the Foundation bank account.
  • Direct and support the Executive Director's efforts, attempting to be responsive to his requests.
  • No employment benefits will be provided - this is a contract relationship and not an employment relationship. Randy is responsible for his own healthcare, retirement, disability insurance, etc.
  • Maintain Directors and Officers and General Liability insurance to indemnify Randy in his actions in this role.

Both parties understand that it may not be possible to continue payment for the Executive Director's services if there is not enough income to do so, and that it may not be possible for the Executive Director to continue to work on the project full-time if there is not enough money in the coffers to pay for it.

In addition, this is an at-will contract. The Foundation may dismiss the Executive Director without cause and without notice at any time. Conversely, the Executive Director may cease this relationship with notice of one calendar month.

Finally, this contract expires on May 31, 2016. The Foundation agrees to fill the roles of "Executive Director" and general Drupal development with another person on or before June 1, 2016. (Note: This does not reflect any dissatisfaction by Randy Fay, but is rather the culmination of a years-long process of trying to make the organization independent of him. He plans to continue as either a volunteer or in a new paid role after June 2016.)