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Giant tourer : 2 bikes for sale

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Giant tourer : 2 bikes for sale

We are finishing our trip from Mexico to Panama Ciudad with two bikes Giant Tourer the 10th of june. We are willing to leave it rather than fly it to Lima and home if anyone is interested. We are thinking about $600 U.S. (New = 700US$ each)Dollars for the two bicycles. Includes racks front and back. Let us know if you are interested and we can see if we can hook up at the end of our ride.

Terminamos un tour desde Mexico hasta Panama Ciudad el 10 de Junio. No queriamos volver a Lima y despues a Francia con las bicis. Queriamos venderles 600US$ por los dos (valor nuevo 700US$ each)
Nos puede contactar por email si usted esta interessado (pero somos despacio a responder como no tenemos email)