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Back on Track!

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Back on Track!

After over a year of not touring, due to COVID insanity, I've started touring again! I'm a long-time tourer, now in the Caribbean. This blog post describes my recent ride from the main island of Guadeloupe to Marie-Galante.

I've also written a number of other blog posts on my preparations for this ride. I'm planning to spend a while on Marie-Galante, then go to Dominica!

Eagle Gamma ready to bike tour in Guadeloupe!

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I just blogged about my last year of "bike touring", during which I only did a small amount of riding.

Looks like the COVID political mess is finally shutting down, so hopefully tons more touring this year!

This map includes my previous years too. Last year I only rode to another island within the same archipelago country, Guadeloupe:

Eagle Gamma's bike touring map!