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Suggestion for Both Host & Guest

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Suggestion for Both Host & Guest

Hi folks. I had an idea that might help with both hosts and guests.

Seeing as we are all in the same hobby, it would be helpful to research local pathways and ways to travel through the local environment. Second, to be able to plot it on Google Earth and save it as a KML file would be beneficial for those that are into technology. Actually plotting maps where cycling is best (off-highway and scenic routes) can become a map system this site can post.

Maybe someone here can host all the files somewhere, or it can be integrated here on this list.

On top of that, recommendations for touring technology can be shared within these forums. I'm currently looking at designing a solar system for charging Garmin Edge 705 as well as any other devices. My ultimate goal is to be able to use Google Earth to plan my tours, and to send them onto such a unit, which is kept alive during my cycling.


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Routes from a host's perspective

Hi Rico,

Sharing routes among members is a good suggestion. I do something like this when hosting but in a low-tech way.

I live in a city and since I cycle a fair amount locally I'm aware of the better routes. When contacted by a warmshowers member requesting hospitality I always ask where they are coming from. After receiving their response I email them directions to my place, routing them on the best streets of course. While I hadn't considered using Google Earth to generate a .kml file to communicate the same information this approach would probably be superior to my current method. Hence I think that I'll generate these files and email them to guests who can use them when they request hospitality.

Let me also mention that many of the guests I host would not be able to use a .kml file. These are cyclists who are not carrying a computer and they typically send me an email (usually from a public library) from a distance away. They let me know that they will be arriving in my location in a few days and say something to the effect that they will give me a phone call just before they get there to see if I can host them. When they call I usually just give them directions over the phone -- or better yet cycle out to meet them at a pre-arranged time and location to show them the way.


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Charging while cycling

This fellow is working on a system to charge his usb gadgets from a generator:

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