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Looking for a touring bike in Barcelona

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Looking for a touring bike in Barcelona


I'm looking for a touring bike (used or new) in Barcelona, any suggestion of shop/website/fair is welcome! :-)


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shoping touring bikes in Barcelona

Hi Pintoch

There's many stores in Barcelona. Maybe the biggest and most famous would be Pro Bike on Viladomat 310. It has good prices and a big catalog.

On the smaller shops, I would recomend Bicitecla, in Gracia, Bonavista Street, They're nice and I've seen them build beautiful customizad touring bikes.

For used and recicled bikes I recommend this tiny shop in Gracia as well: Carrer d'Astúries, 85, the guy is really nice, knows his work well, and has really cheap re built bikes. Then theress the famous Bici Clot, near Glories:

I remember also there was a specialized touring bike shop somewhere in Eixample, in either Bruc or Girona, can't seem to find it right now but is between Gran Via and Diagonal!

Keep in mind that during August many shops in the city close due to Vacation.
Hope this can help.

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Espaibici, Carrer del Bruc

Thanks a lot for your reply!
I eventually went for a second-hand touring bike from Espaibici, which is the specialized touring bike shop you mention (Carrer del Bruc, 63,
I will try to remember to report here whether this was a good option or not!

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I have been very happy with

I have been very happy with their service and the bike itself! There was a small issue with the rear mudguard but they agreed to fix it at their expense, that was nice. I recommend them.