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Cycle Trekkers world cycle tour 2016

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Cycle Trekkers world cycle tour 2016

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I, are currently planning our world cycle tour. We are planning to take about 5+ years, starting in Vancouver, Canada, heading across Canada, then south into the US, and further South through Mexico and Latin America, before heading over to New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia - the route after that is a little unplanned, but we will be finishing in the UK. We will be starting the cycle trip in June 2016.

If you have or are planning on cycling a similar route, it would be great to hear from you. We have also created a website if you want to keep in touch or follow our trip.

While we are cycling, we also want to visit different eco businesses around the world, as one day we would like to open our own eco-hostel. The information we gather will also be posted on our website. If you can recommend any eco businesses on route, please drop us a line :)

Thanks for reading :)

Safe trails,

Kelly & Michael