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Building a Stronger WS Community in LA!

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Building a Stronger WS Community in LA!

Last year, Leanna Levine and I hosted an event where we met other local Warm Showers members. We would like to continue to host events in 2016 as to build a better WS community from Ventura to San Clemente.

I hosted 68 cyclists in 2015. Many complain that few WS members in the LA area responded to their hospitality requests. I think it is important in this, and any urban area, to find the other active hosts and develop a local network. I am not always available to host, and would find it helpful to know who around me might be available. It would also be great to know hosts a day's ride away.

Check back as we will soon post a cycling/social event. Also, if you are on Facebook, join the Los Angeles Area Warm Showers Hosts page.

Ken Francis

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WS Hosts in LA

I'm glad to see there are legit hosts there. I sent out ten Los Angeles WS requests with plenty lead time last Spring, passing through on my way to the Desert SW without one response. I've been to all four corners of the country on my bike and that is the first time that happened. Keep up the good work!

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I don't have much to add ( I don't live in LA), so i'd rather just " like" your Post to show support. But that option is not available...
Anyway, i think it's a great idea, I have thought the same for my own city ( Adelaide), but it doesn't seem to work. I'll take a look at your FB page - It's interesting, and i think a commentary on the utility of this website, that you have chosen to go " off website" for this grassroots purpose. Go, LA, Go !

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After Turkey Beginner Paddle with Left Overs!

Better than Thanksgiving Dinner!
Beginner Paddle

Rental Service Available

New Paddlers Welcome!

This is posted in the Facebook group. If you are interested in joining, let me know so I can reserve a kayak for you.

We will leave the beach at 1:45 pm... Bring an empty stomach! This is a good way to get rid of Thanksgiving left-overs! Everyone will need to bring some scraps or plates/utensils. Please USE THE DISCUSSION BOARD TO NOTIFY EVERYONE WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING. That way we know if we need to fill anything in.

Pace will be slow and relaxed; This will be a lazy afternoon paddle. We will be stopping 3/4 way through at Mother's Beach and park for a potluck break. We will be returning about 4:30pm. We will be dipping the boats in the water at 1:45 pm, so make sure you are there and set up before that time!

Remember the essentials:

Bring a plate, utensils, and cup/glass.

Rental place is on Ocean Blvd and 54th Pl (Bayside of the penninsula). From north or south, exit 405 at Lakewood Blvd and head south. At traffic circle, take second spur...PCH south. Make right at Ximeno. Take Ximeno to 2nd St, make left. Right on Granada, Left on Ocean. Look for parking beginning of Ocean and Bayshore. Rental place is behind handball/hockey courts. Rental cost will be $15. In case of rain (not mist, fog, or dew), this trip will be rescheduled.

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Day ride from LA

In reply to your suggestion for locating people a day from LA, I'm in Ventura, happy to connect with LA hosts to accept cyclists on their way in to or out of LA.

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Another BBQ this Sunday

Any Southern California Area Hosts interested ina BBQ on August 5, 2018, send me a private message!


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