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Ways of Working -

While it’s still a bit of a fluid process as we find out what works, development work on generally falls into one of the following categories.

Features & Initiatives

These will be any large piece of work, generally driven by organisational needs and goals and will be outlined in the Trello Board

The Trello Board

The hope is for this to become an interface between the development team and the board.

Trello was chosen over other tools like Google Docs and Dropbox because it allows us to create workflows and to give user groups different permissions.

For transparency this is a public board. All our members will be able to see where their donations go. All board members will be able to comment on and define exactly what these are. All members of the development committee will be able to prioritise these and create new ones.

We have created the following workflow pipelines:

  • Feature Suggestions & Improvements - We want this to be where board members can suggest new features, this can be following an internal discussion or to start an internal discussion. Here, we want to focus on the organisational need and goals, not on the technical implementation of said goals.
  • Needs Definition - Features should be placed in here once it is agreed that they need to be done. Here, we will define what we want to achieve, and once again not on the technical implementations. So… just two questions, “What is the problem?” and “Why do we need to address it?”
  • Technical Requirements - This should be used by the development team to indicate any large pieces of work to the organisation that are required.
  • Backlog - Once they have been defined they go in the backlog. They will be elaborated on whilst they are in the backlog, if they are likely to take longer than a month then they will be broken down into smaller chunks, then they will be picked from the top when someone is ready to work on them.
  • In Progress - This should be anything that is currently being worked on. Please use this to see what is currently being worked on by the development team.
  • Completed - Need explaining??

The development committee will be responsible for taking feedback and direction from the board and populating the Feature Suggestions & Improvements and Needs Definition.
The development committee along with the development team will be responsible for the Backlog and Technical Requirements and prioritising those requirements.
Those assigned to work on tasks will be responsible for moving issues to In Progress and Completed.

Starting work on a feature

When anything new is added to the Feature Suggestions & Improvements it should have an owner, someone who will take responsibility for it and able to approve all decisions regarding its implementation.

While issues are in the Needs Definition column we will try to start a discussion on what these entail, not sure what is the best channel for this, open to suggestions. But it’s a good time to get all interested parties chatting.

Before anything is moved into the In Progress column we will reach out to the board, or usually the specific member of the board that brought it up or is responsible for it, and check that we have the right idea about it.

We will then present a plan of action as above, and take in any feedback on the how this might work.

We need to find any appropriate way to manage feedback through the development committee and not flood the development team. We’ll then let everyone have a look at it on the test environment once it’s ready.

Minor & Technical Improvements and Bug Fixes

These will be small tweaks to the site, basically anything that needs to be done to keep the site running smoothly. They will be outlined on Github -

If it takes longer than five or so hours or requires input from the board we’ll generally classify it as a feature (above).

This is a technical issue queue and is best left for the development committee to interpret.

Starting work (development perspective)

Generally these will be started as and when they’re need/brought to our attention and will be brought to the attention of the development committee in the monthly development report. If it we feel it needs some input from another member we’ll go and ask them.