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Cycling in Baja California

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Cycling in Baja California

Hello! I wrote up an account of my trip from Canada down to Los Cabos in Baja California, Mexico. It's here if you are planning on doing something similar and want to read about some experiences:

I wholeheartedly recommend it! I also made a video about my ride through Mexico as a solo female traveller:


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Camping Between San Diego and Ensenada

I'm a host in San Diego and want to venture south into Baja just for overnighters / 2 nights. There are not many WS hosts south of Tijuana. If anyone has camping suggestions south of Tijuana to Ensenada, I'm eager to hear them. Many thanks.

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I recently did a trip from SD to Tecate then Ensenada and over to San Felipe and down. If your looking for a good trip there are cheap hotels in tecate or you can camp for free between tecate and the wine region (Ruta Del vino). There is a good campsite right when you arrive in Guadalupe valley which is where the wine region is there. Also loads of hotels there as well. I highly suggest the Tecate crossing very safe and quite and the town is really nice and peaceful. A hotel in town is between $20-40 depending on your needs. There is food along the way so it would be feasible to do a loop without panniers and just a hydration pack with a credit card and go back thru TJ if you were inclined.

Hope that helps.


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Great Info

Thanks! This may inspire me to pedal a little deeper into my own back yard!

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