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Female Guinness Cycling World Record holder RAAM 2016

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Female Guinness Cycling World Record holder RAAM 2016

Julianna Buhring (, who set the record for women's fastest circumnavigation by bicycle, hopes to compete in the Race Across America 2016. In 2014 she came in 1st in the women's category and 4th overall in the Trans America Race after pedaling 36 hours straight to complete the final 500+ miles. This year she hopes to compete in the Race Across America, and she is a contender for a new record time. She has also generously offered to gift one of her cross country bicycles to me, a farmhand with substandard income and aspirations to become a female ultra-endurance cyclist, if her final needs for RAAM 2016 are raised. Please support her ride here and share it with friends:
Thanks for your support!!
Warm Regards,

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Thanks Lizzy, I will share her information!

Warmshowers volunteer

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Cycle Touring

I'm sorry, but I cannot see what such frivolity has to do with an organization for the reciprocal hospitality of touring cyclists, especially when your offerings you might provide will be unavailable until 2021! Too many newbies are joining up to get something for free.

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"..such frivolity.."

I fully agree with Robert, as above. This is a ridiculous waste of space ...surely not the WS that I joined 18 years ago

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What always makes me crack a

What always makes me crack a smile is the sub-forums these kinds of posts appear in - have a look through the Wishlist sub-forum (created for site specific feature requests) and you will find any number of panhandlers asking for free stuff. The other week someone appeared promoting a ride fundraising for cancer, there was just one little detail - he didn't have a bike. So yes, be generous with your donations to cancer but before you do that give me a fabulous touring bike to do the trip on. The sub-forum it was posted under? Donations, Memberships, Fundraising - a forum created specifically to discuss the new member based fundraising model implemented last year.

I find it fascinating that these people see something like Wishlist and think it must be something like on Amazon, where I list goodies and other people get them for me. It seemingly never occurs to them that there could be such a thing as a member contributing to the community (or this somehow only applies to other people and never to them).

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