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The adventurous blog LONGTRAILAHEAD highlights many things regarding bicycling, as well as many other neat little items. The latest post details a new publication which puts focus on bicycling old historic canalway systems. The author is also a host & guest too frequently. The blog can be found at this link -

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How are you?

My name is Roman, I am from France but i live in Malaysia with my wife for the past 2 years now.

I have cycled 21000km across 16 countries and I have recently created a website: is external)

Iam seeking for bikepackers to share there stories with me to add on the website.

If you are interested:

1- Subscribe to our website

- Write a story about your journey
- Send us 6 photos
- Send us all your social media link + Website (if any)
- Your couchsurfing link (optional)

to sends e-mail)

Share your experience: is external)

Thank you


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