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C2C@73 Electric Bicycle Tour -

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C2C@73 Electric Bicycle Tour -

UPDATE - C2C@73 Electric Bicycle Tour. The coast-to-coast potion of the adventure is complete, arriving in Anacortes, Washington at just under 4,000 miles from Hilton Head, South Carolina. May 1st through July 1st. Time for some R & R before resuming my travels down to San Francisco, at a much slower pace.
I concentrated on attaining as many Warmshowers hosts as I could on this adventure and each was more spectacular than the last. Thanks to all of you who made my tour the best yet. Hosts are the cultural reflection of a area and making new acquaintances and friendships is such an enriching experience, so much better than camping in a park and/or meeting no one while there. That is just passing through. We grow through interaction, not isolation.