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Making Fl tour group this winter

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Making Fl tour group this winter

Actively seeking Adventure tour buddies to tour around  Fl for the winter .  It would be great to get a group of fun adevnture nomads together - for safety and shared fun 8)  the more the merrier !!

so far we have a group of 2 - one male and one female .  We are not a couple and are actively seeking others to jump in , male or female !! . He's just bikepacked accross from Seattle and wants to cruise around Fl to escape the cold this winter .  I just got to Fl and will be starting here now.

We are currently along North Fl , although peole can jump in anywhere along the way .  We are basically looking more travel companions for safety in numbers , and everything more fun with more people . And also to split up the costs of campgrounds . We cruise at a moderate speed, 10mph or so- landing and getting set in the afternoon with enough time left over to set up camp and explore the area a few hours before dark.

 The ideal is just to cruise around FL and enjoy nature ! Theres no rush / just going with the flow.  There are so many gems to see around Fl - so many great parks, springs and amazing places to explore . The route is subject to change and if anybody wants to suggest to explore a certain place , thats great. Also riders that have more limited time can just jump in , join in and ride for however long they want to .
About me : 30 something married,  no kids ; peter pan when I can ; have lived all over the country; licensed health professional - I work like crazy half a year so I can wonder and be free the other half 8) 

I have an old dog I am towing around for his last hoorah (he is 17) , so another reason I go slow !  He has seen more miles than most people , and I'm giving him one last adventure this winter ! 

I do random adventures with my few months off . After biking, I plan on float/  camping a few rivers with my double kayak .

I hope we can get a fun group together- if anyone is interested in jumping in , please give a shout out and lets see if we can  all meetup for some fun !

happy trails 

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Ride on !

I can't join the both of you since I cycle in Europe. But do I like these pictures haha ! Ride on.

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I live in Miami. Email when

I live in Miami. Email when you are down this way

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FL trip

Hi J Mc,

Hope you are able to get a few people together. I will doing a tour this summer from New Orleans to Datona Beach. Yea... summer. Should be real hot. So we are planning the trip right now and would be interested in anything you might be able to tell me about routes and of course, Alligators. I also wonder about going east to west or west to east. Have a safe trip and hope things work out the way you want. 

Vincent Ardito

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