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USA-Mexico border crossing

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USA-Mexico border crossing

Hello! We are a couple planning to cycle down from the US to Mexico and we are looking for the safest option to do so. We are currently looking at Tijuana or Mexicali as that area is the most convenient to us but we are open to consider another ones :) Also, Is it more convenient to take a bus or cycle through? Thanks very much!

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We are in central Mexico and see alot of riders come probably better off looking at crazyguyonbike for some that have done it

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I don't know where in Mexico

I don't know where in Mexico you are heading so that might make a difference. The easiest crossing I ever did was from Douglas Arizona to Agua Prieta. That was however 24 years ago. I have also crossed over at Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales and Sonoyta. All between 24 and 27 years ago. Don't know it is now but one strange thing I noticed during all my times in Mexico between 92 and 97 was that whenever I headed South from USA they always gave me a 3 month tourist visa on my British passport, but whenever entering Mexico from Guatemala they only ever gave me 1 month visa. Hope you have safe travels, Mexico is a great country and the regular people are very nice, take all the hard luck horror stories, especially 2nd hand ones, with a pinch of salt.