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Oslo - Bergen/Rallarvegen by bike - looking for specific track information

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Oslo - Bergen/Rallarvegen by bike - looking for specific track information

Hi everybody,

I am planning a tour for later this year which includes cycling from Oslo to Bergen via the Rallarvegen and have some specific questions. I'd be really glad if people who know this area well could share some information.


1. The all wonderful proposed to handle the way between Myrdal and Upsete like this:

Is this really a suitable way for bikes (with luggage)?

2. Mapy found a way that mostly avoids the busy E16 from Vaksdal to Bergen:

Is that part between Vaksdal and Trengereid doable by bike?


Best regards,


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Hi Robert, 

I have Swedish friends who did it from Bergen to Oslo in 2016, fully loaded, i.e with camping gear etc.. Quite a few touring cyclists do it, though many day trippers take the train to the top and roll down.  The full croissing from Bergen to Oslo involves a ferry along a lake, and short segment by train to make the complete connection. There can be snow at the the top, and you might push your bike along a track if there's snow because there is no road at the summit, Finse, elevation 1222 m.. There is one spot with switchbacks where loaded touring cyclists walk their bikes down hill. 

The summary of itineraries can be seen on our friend's blog If you need more detail I can put you in touch with him. He's on WS. 

Margo (Grey Hair) 


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Thanks for the reply! Yes,

Thanks for the reply! Yes, the information about taking the train from Myrdal to Upsete is known to me. Also that I have to expect snow. :D