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Baja California

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Baja California

I'm thinking of riding from California, USA down to the southern tip of Baja California Sur. Does anyone know what the road surface quality is like? It looks like I could just ride Highway 1 the whole way.

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Hi Elliot,

My husband and I rode from LA to the tip of the Baja a few years ago. It was one of my favorite trips. The road surface was no problem. In fact, we were surprised with how good the roads were, and they should have improved even more since we were there. I think my journal would anawer a lot of your questions; I try to document as much as I can so that others can use it as a resource. Check it out at:

Let me know if you have any questions. Yikes, has it really been 8 years?! 


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That was very helpful. Thank

That was very helpful. Thank you so much!

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Strong Bike Shop Recommendation in La Paz

My friend and I got bike boxes from a shop called BC Bikes at the end of our tour. The man realized it would be hard to take a cab so he called his wife to watch the store and drove us to our WS host. The other people also gave us tips on where to go in CDMX and other places. So, so, so kind. 


If you have any needs for your bike when going through La Paz, go see them!!!!